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We do lashes differently.

Hey, Babe! I'm Michelle!

I'm a lash extension artist working in Arizona and let me tell you... I LOVE a dramatic, fluffy, 20D mega volume fan!

But when I started experiencing wrist pain and hand fatigue during long fill appointments, I decided to give premades a try.

They completely saved me!

The shorter fill time meant less hand fatigue, allowing me to serve more clients and maximize my profits as a business owner 💰💰

Now I'm sharing my passion for premades with other amazing lash artists like you! Check out my line of mega volume fans and if you have any questions be sure to hit me up!

Thanks, babe!

These have cut my lashing time in half! The color so rich, the material is top quality and my clients love how light and fluffy they are!
Melissa Johnson
They are so soft and buttery, super easy to pick up and they hug the natural lash so well. The retention on them is amazing!
Brooke Weissman
These really help me get the job done faster with a beautiful finished look. I definitely will be ordering more lashes in the future!
Augustina Gonzalez
We've used the 14D and they give a stunning look! Very easy to use and pick up and apply!
Dreama-Destiny Hart